Team Building Events

We offer our own specialised Team Building events that combine the two great concepts of a team building event and wellness.

If you don’t see something you like or had something different in mind please get in touch. We also work with the top players in the industry and can cater to every need.

Because we have a great relationship with these companies we can get you a fantastic discount and we promise that we use only the BEST companies in Dubai and the Middle East.

What are our Wellness Team Building Events?

They can accommodate anywhere from 5 to 5000 employees and use wellness experiences with the traditional team building event so that you can help your team in a number of areas including helping them to think about their health, wellness and productivity.

It doesn’t end when your event ends, every participant is signed up to what we call our ‘Post Event Transformative Package’, this is a series of initiatives that help your team continue their wellness journey. It includes a subscription to our Health – Fitness – Motivation newsletter that is packed with great tips on diet, exercise and motivation that they receive once a week.

It also includes our diet system and meal ideas package that makes eating healthy a manageable experience even if they are busy and don’t have a lot of spare time.

They also get a hand crafted email series sent out twice a week that is designed to get them to take notice of why health and wellness is so important and includes motivational videos, speeches and quotes.

Our Wellness Team Building Event

Teams are created and each teams aim is to build a healthy human environment. This involves putting together 6 healthy meals and snacks over to feed their ‘mini me’ healthily over the course of a typical day but also to provide their mini me with an effective home workout and a clean house to live in that is conducive to health and wellness and a great quality of life.

Each team building event is started with a 10 minute talk that covers why health is critical, gives examples of our Clients that have transformed their lives and some clues to complete the healthy human environment task they will shortly be given.

The event is in the form of a treasure hunt, each team starts with a clue and this clue leads to a site at which the next clue is found and so on. At each hidden treasure base there is a wellness question that needs answering.

If they answer correctly then they are presented with a piece of the healthy human environment.

Examples include questions like in the year 1900 cancer rates were how many for each 100 of the population?

The first team to put together the healthy human environment wins.

All of the elements of this environment contain a key lesson like what someone can do if they have 20 minutes to workout at home, what a healthy diet looks like on a typical day and what a clean and low toxin home environment looks like.

All of these things are key lessons that people can use to transform their own health.

Can imagine what it could do to your team in terms of their communication, cross department collaboration and team spirit? We can tell you from experience, A GREAT DEAL.

If you would like more information please get in touch.

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