Sirocco – Dr Posture and Dr Health Workshop

We loved our teambuilding event and workshop so much that we are going to sign up to a 6 month wellness program, Tim and the team were fabulous and all the team are super keen to do further programs with them.

Andrew, Finance Director. August 2015

Al Zia Clinic

Our teambuilding event was a huge success, the team had so much fun and we are definitely going to do more initiatives with them, there is no way we couldn’t now, the team are all asking about when our next program with them is.

Dr Amaadh, Founder and Owner. June 2016


The best thing about our event was that teambuilding in Dubai got everyone up and moving and experiencing some typical exercises they could do in the office to balance their stress and awaken their bodies and minds. There were challenges and tests that didn’t make people sweat but still challenged them and led them to discover what areas of their body were holding them back from the ability to sit properly.

Claudia Madler, Media Communications Director. April 2014