Team Building in Dubai: Things to Do

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing cities, not just in UAE but in the world. Many activities used by experts in facilitating team building in Dubai offer effective techniques and provide dramatic transformations.

Team building activities are essential in the success of a company. Briefly, team building is an ongoing process that helps a group (or team) of employees to work cohesively and effectively. Most team activities reveal every member’s strengths and weaknesses – paving the way to make necessary improvements.

For a company to become successful, their employees should work well together and effectively to complete tasks and projects quickly.

Why Team Building in Dubai is an Integral Part in Office Affairs

  • Facilitates better communication among the team members. Team building activities can help foster camaraderie. Team building helps open the communication process among employees and improves relationships, thus resulting to a better quality of work and increased productivity.

  • Helps motivate employees. These activities allow employees to express their opinions and ideas, helping them gain more confidence in themselves.

  • Enhances creativity. Team building allows employees to experience challenges and other activities out of the normal office routine. Working together with other members of the team may help produce new ideas and enhance their creativity to do things.

  • Helps develop employees’ problem solving skills. Working together as a team to solve problems will benefit not just the company but the employees as well. It fosters employee cooperation to achieve success.

  • Helps increase trust. These activities help break barriers between people, thus increasing the trust factor among employees.

Suggested Activities for Team Building in Dubai

Here are the top 5 popular team building activities to consider:

  1. The Journey

Participants go to a room that was set up as “United League of Nations” – there are flags, passports, and national anthems. The participants will go on a journey that will help them understand the power of collaborative competition. This creates pressure and challenges that will foster working as a team to achieve success.

  1. Rocket to Mars

Teams will build a rocket model, the team that “successfully launches” it to Mars wins. This activity fosters team spirit by sharing ideas and information to succeed.

  1. Landmines

One of the popular activities for team building in Dubai, wherein teams must cross a terrain without touching the ground, they need to build boards and wooden ropes to reach the finish line.

  1. Let’s Play the Piano

Music changes things – it’s a universal language. This team building activity combines high-end entertainment and team building. It aims to make the participants realize that they can achieve anything, even the things they didn’t know they were competent of.

  1. The Business Game

This business game focuses on communication, for it is the key that will help the participants unlock their own key to achieve better communication. It is an activity that will develop self-awareness and help participants identify their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their communication skills.

Overall, the aims of these team building activities is to help build better relationships and better communications among colleagues, thus increasing their productivity for the betterment of the whole company.

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