Team Building in Abu Dhabi: What Leaders Need to Know

Good leaders should know how important high performance teams are to any organization. Creating, building, nurturing, inspiring, and motivating such a team is one of the biggest challenges any leader need to face. Employee engagement is one the keys to building a high performing team.

One of the most effective strategies good leaders use is letting their employees participate in activities that will develop camaraderie and improve communication among members via team building in Abu Dhabi.

Team building activities are worthwhile because they create positive results. If a leader’s goal is to solicit employee cooperation and create a cohesive and more productive work place, the company should invest in these kinds of activities.

Here are teams for leaders to ensure that they have get positive results out of team building in Abu Dhabi:

  • Schedule some team building activities during office hours. It’s a fact that no one wants to put in extra hours after work or on weekends just to attend a mandatory work-related activity. Schedule an activity on a Friday, just 2 to 3 hours before or after lunch. It’s better than having people report on a weekend. It is even better if you can host a lunch or breakfast activity, but don’t forget to serve food.

You can schedule a 2- to 3-hour session within office hours, the employees will welcome the break and the opportunity to learn new things.

  • Encourage teams to collaborate instead of competing with one another. Teams could always a sense of competition, but instead of focusing on getting rewards, choose a team building activity that will require the members of each team to work together to solve a challenge (problem). You can give each team different scenarios and whichever comes up with the best solution will “win”.

You can also organize fun runs or sports competition among your employees. Sports is always one of the best ways to bring people together while they enjoy what they love to do.

  • Encourage employees to do volunteer works. Team building activities do not necessarily mean playing games or developing problem-solving skills. You can organize an office project that will benefit a local charity, a homeless shelter, or a poor community. People tend to feel great about volunteering their time to helping others, hence, activities like these can create a positive impact on your employees.

Maybe you can assign each team to plan, cook, and serve lunch to a soup kitchen or local shelter. You can also launch a clothing drive or clean-up drive.

Events like these bring people closer together because they are working as one for a common goal. This is also a good activity for the management to be with second-level management and rank-and-file employees.

More leaders should realize that team building in Abu Dhabi has become popular among companies because of the positive effect these activities on their employees. Remember, when employees are happy and they work well with one another, they become more productive and focused with their tasks – this means increased profits for the company.

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