Our Services

We offer wellness teambuilding events that open people’s minds to areas of their life that they need to make changes in, that’s how we really see our main business, helping people realise how important making certain changes are. When people really ‘get it’ they start to change their behavior and that has a massive impact in their lives and everyone around them.

Wellness TeamBuilding is teambuilding with a difference. We offer very popular workshops that educate people on health and posture in a teambuilding environment.

We teach, inspire and get everyone moving and working together, for example during our Dr Posture and Dr Health event, we teach everyone how to use their own internal doctors in these areas to fix a lot of the problems they face on a day to day basis. We also get people conducting tests, one of these is a 3 minute strength test to identify if certain muscles are strong enough to hold the body in a position of good posture that people need to sit properly. A lot of the participants will be doing the test and then the rest of the people will be there to encourage the ones doing the test, the whole of the group count down the participants for the last 30 seconds and everyone cheers when the test is completed.

This teambuilding event always, I mean always receives wonderful feedback and there is always a queue of people waiting to ask questions after the event as they are super keen to learn more about the various health principles we taught them during the event.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee, minus any third party costs

We offer teambuilding events that are talked about for ages afterward

Why settle for 2nd best