Empower Your Work Team With Team Building In The UAE

“Team building” has become a catchphrase in the UAE business world.

People look at team building as an enjoyable way for employees to get a break from work and spend the day engaged in team activities like the Egg Drop or the Mine Field.

The Egg Drop has become a classic team-building exercise. The participants form 3 or 4 teams. Each team is asked to construct an egg package that will keep an egg unbroken when it is dropped from 2 or 4 floors. The teams can use rubber bands, tape, plastic, balloons, straws, and newspapers to create an effective packaging design for the egg.

Each team then takes its turn to drop the package from the 2nd floor. The rest of the participants stay at the bottom level to watch. The height of the egg drop is increased until a team emerges as the winner.

Meanwhile, the Mine Field is an activity designed to promote trust and effective communication. Bottles, balls, cones, or other similar objects are designated as “mines.” They are distributed haphazardly around an empty hallway or room, the “minefield.”

Participants are assigned into teams of two. One member puts on a blindfold. He is tasked to walk from one end of the “minefield” to the other end. The other member helps him make his way through the mine without stepping on the scattered objects by giving verbal instructions as to which way to go. Sometimes, more than one individual are made to walk through the minefield at the same time. This makes the task more challenging as it becomes more difficult to listen to and focus on the instructions from one’s partner.

The exercises are engaging and fun. Employees have a great time interacting with one another as they go through the activities.

Team building, however, provides more than just fun and games. It makes use of the exercises to provide meaningful learning experiences. Participants learn communication skills, problem solving, group decision-making, and other group skills. They learn what behaviors are important for helping a team succeed in meeting group goals.

Team building helps to make each individual grasp how he can become a better team member. It empowers each individual by making him realize that his contributions are vital to help his team achieve their goal. When the employees go back to work, they are more energized and inspired. They are able to work more cohesively as a team.

Studies show that team building offers a variety of benefits for employees:

  • It is an effective way to raise morale.
  • It is associated with increased worker productivity.
  • It strengthens team communication and interpersonal skills.
  • It gives opportunities to learn new skills for problem solving.
  • It is a wellness intervention that reinvigorates employees and allows them to go back to work happier and more inspired to do better at their jobs.

If you want your employees to have fun, sever unhelpful personal barriers, and work through their differences, you can have them go through a team-building workshop with reputable team-building specialists in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, or Dubai.

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