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Benefits of Team Building in the Middle East

Activities for team building in the Middle East have many benefits for the company and for the employees. For one, they are a good way of increasing the skills of every individual. Team building also helps improve communication skills. These activities are good motivators. They also help increase your team’s productivity.

These activities provide high-impact learning that can illicit employee cooperation.

The following are worthwhile benefits of team building in the Middle East:

  • Improves communication. When you have different teams with obviously different members, people tend to clash most of the time. Or when you have a big company, some people hardly interact with one another. Team building activities help bridge the gap and break down barriers between different groups.

By having people who rarely work together participate in activities as a team, you facilitate enhanced communication and teamwork.

  • Develop employee skills. When your employees are working all the time, it is highly likely that they may not have the time to learn and develop new skills. Team building is a good vehicle for managers to discover what other skills their employees have. With team building activities, employees can take control and develop their leadership skills. Through these activities, employees may learn problem-solving skills, and even the other key areas of the nature of their business.

  • Help create better relationships. In team building activities, positions do not matter. CEOs, managers, supervisors, and rank-and-file employees can be grouped together to work on challenges and collaborate on how to win games.

This is the best time for the top management people to mingle with their employees. This activity helps build a better working relationship. It is always a good thing for employees to interact with their bosses, because this makes them feel at ease.

Every employee has the chance to become members of a team composed of the people from different departments. This promotes friendship outside the office scenario.

  • Help promote a sense of responsibility. When each member of the team is given specific roles to contribute, you are training them to be responsible for whatever task that they need to do. This also ensures new learnings that they can use when they need it in the future.

  • Team building programs bring about results. These activities are designed to produce specific results. For instance, your company may decide on using a team building activity to create new marketing strategies to further grow the business.

As mentioned earlier, these activities help enhance productivity and focus. When your employees are focused on their tasks, they work faster, so the company gets results quicker.

  • Help promote culture. Team building activities reinforce the values and visions of the company on the employees.

  • Help motivate employees. When your employees work hard but their efforts go unnoticed, they may eventually become demotivated – when this happens the might not to perform according to that is expected of them. When they are recognized and given the chance to unwind and relax, outside work, their production may increase because. Happy and satisfied employees remain in a company that really take good care of them.

Consider facilitating team building in the Middle East and begin seeing positive results for your company.

Team Building in Dubai: Things to Do

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing cities, not just in UAE but in the world. Many activities used by experts in facilitating team building in Dubai offer effective techniques and provide dramatic transformations.

Team building activities are essential in the success of a company. Briefly, team building is an ongoing process that helps a group (or team) of employees to work cohesively and effectively. Most team activities reveal every member’s strengths and weaknesses – paving the way to make necessary improvements.

For a company to become successful, their employees should work well together and effectively to complete tasks and projects quickly.

Why Team Building in Dubai is an Integral Part in Office Affairs

  • Facilitates better communication among the team members. Team building activities can help foster camaraderie. Team building helps open the communication process among employees and improves relationships, thus resulting to a better quality of work and increased productivity.

  • Helps motivate employees. These activities allow employees to express their opinions and ideas, helping them gain more confidence in themselves.

  • Enhances creativity. Team building allows employees to experience challenges and other activities out of the normal office routine. Working together with other members of the team may help produce new ideas and enhance their creativity to do things.

  • Helps develop employees’ problem solving skills. Working together as a team to solve problems will benefit not just the company but the employees as well. It fosters employee cooperation to achieve success.

  • Helps increase trust. These activities help break barriers between people, thus increasing the trust factor among employees.

Suggested Activities for Team Building in Dubai

Here are the top 5 popular team building activities to consider:

  1. The Journey

Participants go to a room that was set up as “United League of Nations” – there are flags, passports, and national anthems. The participants will go on a journey that will help them understand the power of collaborative competition. This creates pressure and challenges that will foster working as a team to achieve success.

  1. Rocket to Mars

Teams will build a rocket model, the team that “successfully launches” it to Mars wins. This activity fosters team spirit by sharing ideas and information to succeed.

  1. Landmines

One of the popular activities for team building in Dubai, wherein teams must cross a terrain without touching the ground, they need to build boards and wooden ropes to reach the finish line.

  1. Let’s Play the Piano

Music changes things – it’s a universal language. This team building activity combines high-end entertainment and team building. It aims to make the participants realize that they can achieve anything, even the things they didn’t know they were competent of.

  1. The Business Game

This business game focuses on communication, for it is the key that will help the participants unlock their own key to achieve better communication. It is an activity that will develop self-awareness and help participants identify their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their communication skills.

Overall, the aims of these team building activities is to help build better relationships and better communications among colleagues, thus increasing their productivity for the betterment of the whole company.

Team Building in Abu Dhabi: What Leaders Need to Know

Good leaders should know how important high performance teams are to any organization. Creating, building, nurturing, inspiring, and motivating such a team is one of the biggest challenges any leader need to face. Employee engagement is one the keys to building a high performing team.

One of the most effective strategies good leaders use is letting their employees participate in activities that will develop camaraderie and improve communication among members via team building in Abu Dhabi.

Team building activities are worthwhile because they create positive results. If a leader’s goal is to solicit employee cooperation and create a cohesive and more productive work place, the company should invest in these kinds of activities.

Here are teams for leaders to ensure that they have get positive results out of team building in Abu Dhabi:

  • Schedule some team building activities during office hours. It’s a fact that no one wants to put in extra hours after work or on weekends just to attend a mandatory work-related activity. Schedule an activity on a Friday, just 2 to 3 hours before or after lunch. It’s better than having people report on a weekend. It is even better if you can host a lunch or breakfast activity, but don’t forget to serve food.

You can schedule a 2- to 3-hour session within office hours, the employees will welcome the break and the opportunity to learn new things.

  • Encourage teams to collaborate instead of competing with one another. Teams could always a sense of competition, but instead of focusing on getting rewards, choose a team building activity that will require the members of each team to work together to solve a challenge (problem). You can give each team different scenarios and whichever comes up with the best solution will “win”.

You can also organize fun runs or sports competition among your employees. Sports is always one of the best ways to bring people together while they enjoy what they love to do.

  • Encourage employees to do volunteer works. Team building activities do not necessarily mean playing games or developing problem-solving skills. You can organize an office project that will benefit a local charity, a homeless shelter, or a poor community. People tend to feel great about volunteering their time to helping others, hence, activities like these can create a positive impact on your employees.

Maybe you can assign each team to plan, cook, and serve lunch to a soup kitchen or local shelter. You can also launch a clothing drive or clean-up drive.

Events like these bring people closer together because they are working as one for a common goal. This is also a good activity for the management to be with second-level management and rank-and-file employees.

More leaders should realize that team building in Abu Dhabi has become popular among companies because of the positive effect these activities on their employees. Remember, when employees are happy and they work well with one another, they become more productive and focused with their tasks – this means increased profits for the company.

What to Look For in a Middle East Team-Building Program

Any company can benefit from having a strong workforce. With enterprises in the Middle East getting very competitive, especially in major cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is important that you get every edge possible. One of the ways to get an advantage is to improve your team’s makeup. With the help of the right Middle East team-building program, you can raise the performance of your teams to the next level.

Given the immense potential of team-building activities, policy makers should not take them lightly. You should get the most out of these activities to get optimum benefits. The best way to ensure this is by getting the help of a professional Middle East team-building service.

So what are the traits of a good team-building program? Here are some of the things you must keep an eye on.

  1. Experience – While there are new companies that get wonderful things done right off the box, they are the exception rather than the rule. With all things made equal, a company with more experience in their craft still holds the advantage. Aside from knowing how such programs work, experienced companies know exactly what organizations are looking for in a team-building program. Their techniques are also time-tested, with multiple clients already attesting to the effectiveness of their system.
  2. Knowledge – It goes without saying that anyone who will handle activities such as this should know what they are doing. A company that specializes in services such as team building should have employees who know exactly how these programs work and how they are supposed to be run. They should employ professionals well-trained for holding such activities so that you and your team can get the most out of the programs they are offering.
  3. Uniqueness – It is a must that a company know how to give a unique team-building experience to each customer, even longtime ones. After all, anyone who joins these programs is looking to learn, and even those who have been into these programs are still looking to learn and benefit even more. It is important that training programs are developed in such a way that it caters to the needs of the team they are helping to build. Carefully crafted programs can help create team-building events that transform companies.
  4. A system that works – Any company deserves to get something that goes beyond the usual gimmicks. Companies are looking for programs that work, giving maximum return for their investment. No matter what company you own or the kind of team you are training, it is imperative that an effective team-building system is in place.

Getting the right Middle East team-building program will help your company get the most out of these programs — your employees will be happier, performance and output will be better, and you will get improved bottom line results. If you are looking for such programs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other nearby places, we are willing to listen. Contact us now to know more about our team-building programs.

Middle East Team Building: Bringing Out the Best In Your Company

Different companies have different needs to fulfill and goals to accomplish. Regardless of what they are, it is important for everyone to work as a single cohesive unit. To do this, it is crucial for companies to create an environment that promotes both teamwork and camaraderie. And one of the most effective ways to create this environment is via a well-planned team-building program. Getting the help of the right Middle East team-building service will help get your team on the right track to success.

Here’s how a company and its employees benefit from the right team-building program:

Create Trust

Promoting trust between members is important for the success of any team. And one of the best ways to facilitate the formation of trust within an organization is to go for team-building events. Such events will make individuals, especially those who barely know each other, work together. Team-building activities help members get to know each other better, work together, and eventually build trust from the ground up. Experts agree that team-building activities create the ideal environment for individuals to be comfortable and establish trust with one another.

Improve Collaboration

A collaborative effort is another trait commonly seen in the best teams. Just like trust, the ability to work together in completing various goals is developed through time and practice. Team-building activities provide a great environment for co-workers to develop and enhance their ability to work as a team and build familiarity with each member. These activities teach members how to work with others as a team and eliminate bad habits that would otherwise sink the efforts of everyone in the team.

Enhance Communication

A team that communicates well has a better chance of succeeding than a team that barely even sees each other eye to eye. As such, it is a must to develop each individual’s communication skills and apply them within the context of the team. Developing this aspect is important, because your employees would have to interact with each other to accomplish various goals in the workplace. Different team-building activities help in developing the communication skills of each member and encourage participants to properly communicate with each other to accomplish goals.

Manage Conflicts

The ability — or lack thereof — to manage conflict in an appropriate manner can make or break any company. There are many ways that team-building activities can help in handling conflicts. There are activities that help members get to know each other better, their strengths, weaknesses, and unique quirks. There are other activities that expose any problem that may brew between members and fix them before it blows up in the workplace. Easing tension and improving familiarity are just some of the ways team-building activities may help in dealing with conflict and forging a more seamless interaction with one another.

While some people may think that it is an unnecessary exercise that takes away from company resources and gives company members inappropriate means for relaxation, there are very tangible benefits of holding team-building programs every now and then. Check out Middle East team-building programs to see how they can help take your company’s performance to the next level.

Why You Should Hire Team-Building Specialists in the UAE

Most — if not all — firms in the UAE recognize that it is essential for their employees to be able to work well together. Having a strong team, however, is not something that happens naturally. Members of the team need to know and trust each other, in order to be able to communicate effectively with each other.

Research shows that team development activities like team building and team training are among the leading ways to help an organization improve its performance.

An increasing number of businesses in the UAE are turning to team-building specialists to help advance its organizational performance.

How can team-building specialists help you?

  • They help you align team efforts to achieve your organizational goals.
  • They help employees understand and appreciate their individual roles in the team.
  • They empower your employees to find effective solutions to group issues.
  • They help your team work together effectively and harmoniously.
  • They help address communication problems.

Specialists in team-building design programs encourage employees to recognize their singular strengths and pool these together with those of other members of the team to carry out common goals. By going through fun exercises and games, your employees learn how to use effective communication, cooperation, and trust to work together for success.

What requisite characteristics should you look for in team building specialists in the Middle East, the UAE, and Dubai?

Look for team-building specialists who have the necessary quality experience in this field. These specialists can design team-building programs that are stimulating, enjoyable, and meaningful. They can come up with engaging team exercises to strengthen your employees’ interpersonal skills. They can design collaborative tasks intended to help each individual employee define and understand his distinct role within the team.

A team-building events company typically helps you assess your corporate goals and needs vis-a-vis team development goals. They design a program appropriate to your requirements, making use of a wide range of team-building modules and exercises.

A team-building workshop seeks to engage employees in a wide range of fun activities. The activities, however, offer more than just fun. They provide the opportunity for participants to build or improve communication skills. They promote productive team-based efforts. They encourage behaviors helpful to achieving team goals.

The exercises are usually highly energized, fun-filled, adventure-based, and highly interactive. By going through these activities, your employees learn how to accommodate their individual behavioral styles to help the group accomplish its mission.

Team building leads to increased morale and a better appreciation of individual roles within the team. These, in turn, tend to result in a surge in efficiency and productivity. When employees want to and know how to work as a team, they become more competent and productive. They know how to use their resources and time wisely. They are able to harness their skills and make distinct contributions to the team’s effort to realize objectives.

Team-building efforts typically result in a happier, friendlier, and more inspiring work environment. People are motivated to work better. They see themselves as important cogs in the business.

It is not surprising to see that team-building activities thrive in the UAE, Dubai, and the Middle East. They help employers make the work place a more lively, energetic, creative, and happier place for their staff to work in.

Why Is Team Building In Dubai Essential For Corporate Culture?

Team building is an important component that helps develop the company culture. In any type of business, it is important for the people working in it to get along and thrive as a team; this is how productivity can be boosted and success achieved.

But to get people to participate in these team-building efforts, the exercises need to be entertaining and engaging. The people should also be allowed to connect in a different environment.

When it comes to team building in Dubai, there are different reasons as to why companies should invest in exposing their people to this kind of experience.

For one, it helps everyone in the company socialize, network, and know their colleagues better. Fostering relationships is one of the best ways to boost productivity, and it is an excellent method for reducing workplace conflicts.

Activities like these also help improve individual and team performance and productivity. With people learning how it is to work with one another, and with a thorough understanding of each one’s strengths and weaknesses, they will learn how to use everyone’s strengths to their projects’ advantage. By being able to collaborate in a much better fashion, the company will benefit from better output being delivered.

Most importantly, team building in Dubai helps improve internal communication. As workers brainstorm and innovate to complete various team-building exercises, they learn how to properly express themselves in a team setting. Solving problems with other people also helps them develop a stronger sense of comfort when interacting with their colleagues.

Team Building Dubai has been in the business of arranging team-building activities for various companies for almost three decades. They know what it takes to engage people and encourage them to showcase their talents. They are also aware of the things needed to make team building in Dubai a successful endeavor.

With partners not only in Dubai but Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Middle East as well, companies can rest assured that they will be working with an agency that can deliver services that are highly suited to their needs and specific requirements. Without having to break the bank, companies can enjoy reliable professional team-building services that their people will continuously talk about and share with their colleagues.

Aside from having a range of team-building programs already in place, Team Building Dubai can also customize a special program with unique activities if need be.

With every company that they work with, the goal is always the same — and that is to deliver the kind of experience that will not only help transform the company but transform its people individually as well.

Since companies differ in what they are looking for when it comes to team building in Dubai, it is always advisable to work with a reputable agency that has dealt with these different purposes.

From boosting company cohesiveness to improving overall communication, businesses big and small will be able to engage in the perfect series of team-building events with the help of Team Building Dubai.

Make Team Building Abu Dhabi Work for You

Teambuilding can be more than just a team adventure. It is an opportunity for your Abu Dhabi workers to learn how to communicate effectively, build trust, resolve conflicts, and increase collaboration.

Employees who engage in effective team-building activities return to work with a stronger sense of what it means to work productively with other employees in the company. By investing in team building, you inspire your employees to work better. You strengthen corporate culture. You make the workplace more efficient and productive, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

How can you use team building as a constructive tool?

  • Do not overly focus on “building” skills.

Team building in Dubai tends to be more effective when the activities are not blatantly focused on “teaching” lessons in leadership or communication. If practical takeaways from team building are forced on the employees, the lessons become less potent.

Team building should allow employees to spend time together, share thoughts and ideas, and work on activities together to achieve common goals. It should allow them fun time to bond and interact with each other.

A more organic team-building approach tends to be more effective at building a team. Activities that provide the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other tend to encourage useful and more meaningful realizations. These “fun” activities tend to be more potent than “rote” academic lessons about effective teamwork, communication, and/or leadership.

  • Ditch the expensive company outing.

You do not have to take your staff on expensive luxurious trips to make them feel that they belong to one happy company. You do not have to break the bank to generate good feelings among your employees.

Research shows that the same experience can be used to accomplish both learning and good vibes. When your employees go on a team-building workshop, they get the opportunity to try new things and explore new experiences as a group. They go through innovative and fun activities that take them a bit out of their comfort zones. The fresh, challenging, and engaging ways to interact with each other tend to foster deeper camaraderie. The activities also help your employees to realize what makes them effective as a team. They motivate your staff to find new ways to effectively work and collaborate with each other.

  • Sustain the positive energy at work.

Do not think of team building as a one-time activity. A team-building workshop teaches your staff (in a fun way) how to connect in more meaningful and effective ways.

When your employees go back to work, they should be able to sustain this positive energy. Look for ways to help them maintain the excitement and enthusiasm. Create opportunities for them to interact in ways that are just as meaningful and satisfying as the experiences they have had during the team-building workshop.

Encourage your staff to assemble regularly even for quick informal huddles to apprise each other about major projects. Get them to celebrate their accomplishments together. Encourage them to open up about their life goals or bucket list. Provide them with a vehicle for sharing other’s aspirations and accomplishments.

Get them to sit down with each other to share their disappointments and difficulties as well — and to brainstorm about how to address these issues. Get them to come up with ideas they want to pursue in their next team building activity. Use team building as a building block for your Abu Dhabi organization to become a happier, stronger, and more cohesive work force.

Empower Your Work Team With Team Building In The UAE

“Team building” has become a catchphrase in the UAE business world.

People look at team building as an enjoyable way for employees to get a break from work and spend the day engaged in team activities like the Egg Drop or the Mine Field.

The Egg Drop has become a classic team-building exercise. The participants form 3 or 4 teams. Each team is asked to construct an egg package that will keep an egg unbroken when it is dropped from 2 or 4 floors. The teams can use rubber bands, tape, plastic, balloons, straws, and newspapers to create an effective packaging design for the egg.

Each team then takes its turn to drop the package from the 2nd floor. The rest of the participants stay at the bottom level to watch. The height of the egg drop is increased until a team emerges as the winner.

Meanwhile, the Mine Field is an activity designed to promote trust and effective communication. Bottles, balls, cones, or other similar objects are designated as “mines.” They are distributed haphazardly around an empty hallway or room, the “minefield.”

Participants are assigned into teams of two. One member puts on a blindfold. He is tasked to walk from one end of the “minefield” to the other end. The other member helps him make his way through the mine without stepping on the scattered objects by giving verbal instructions as to which way to go. Sometimes, more than one individual are made to walk through the minefield at the same time. This makes the task more challenging as it becomes more difficult to listen to and focus on the instructions from one’s partner.

The exercises are engaging and fun. Employees have a great time interacting with one another as they go through the activities.

Team building, however, provides more than just fun and games. It makes use of the exercises to provide meaningful learning experiences. Participants learn communication skills, problem solving, group decision-making, and other group skills. They learn what behaviors are important for helping a team succeed in meeting group goals.

Team building helps to make each individual grasp how he can become a better team member. It empowers each individual by making him realize that his contributions are vital to help his team achieve their goal. When the employees go back to work, they are more energized and inspired. They are able to work more cohesively as a team.

Studies show that team building offers a variety of benefits for employees:

  • It is an effective way to raise morale.
  • It is associated with increased worker productivity.
  • It strengthens team communication and interpersonal skills.
  • It gives opportunities to learn new skills for problem solving.
  • It is a wellness intervention that reinvigorates employees and allows them to go back to work happier and more inspired to do better at their jobs.

If you want your employees to have fun, sever unhelpful personal barriers, and work through their differences, you can have them go through a team-building workshop with reputable team-building specialists in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, or Dubai.

Create A Stronger Team At Work Through Team Building

Team building in Dubai continues to be a popular and productive endeavor. What accounts for its popularity?

  • Better Team Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Team building in Dubai involves activities that encourage group participation. An individual who is not naturally inclined to work with others gets the chance to interact with others as a team. He participates in tasks that require team members to communicate and collaborate with each other in order to accomplish the team’s objectives.

Team-building workshops include many activities that highlight the importance of communication. Individuals learn to recognize the importance of being able to effectively communicate their ideas in order to accomplish group goals.

These activities tend to highlight the variety of skills that the different members of the team can bring to the table. They encourage the team to learn how to work together efficiently.

  • Strengthen Team Roles

Team specialists say that every individual has his own unique strengths.

When an employee participates in a team, he tends to naturally assume a role that he is best suited for. For example, one individual may be better suited than the others to set the team’s objectives and to delegate work. Another individual may have better skills for supervising and motivating his teammates to be at their best. Another team member may be better skilled at going over finished tasks to check for errors.

Team building gives individuals the chance to recognize their individual strengths. It encourages them to focus on, use, and further hone their individual strong points. It allows them to discover how they can best help the team move forward. It allows an individual to find his special productive niche and still perform within the team.

  • Opportunity To Build Up Skills

Employees typically do the same thing in the office. They have specific responsibilities which tap the same set of skills.

Team building offers employees the chance to try out new things and develop new skills. It gives a manager the opportunity to see his employees in a “new” light and to discover what other strengths his subordinates have.

Team building provides role-playing exercises which gives individuals the opportunity to assume the role of a leader and test and develop his leadership skills.

  • Long-Term Benefits

Having a strong team is always an advantage. It provides serious long-term benefits for any business.

When individual employees learn how to use their individual skills to make their team stronger, the team enjoys maximum profitability. The team is able to respond quickly and more efficiently to changing needs and new demands. The team becomes more productive.

A strong team allows each member to acquire a stronger sense of fulfillment. Everyone feels involved. Everyone feels that he or she belongs. When the team is able to achieve its mission, everyone feels fulfilled and empowered.

An employee who identifies with his team is unlikely to look for work elsewhere. He finds satisfaction in working with a team that collaborates with each other in order to meet their goals. He finds fulfillment in knowing that he is helping the team become strong by contributing his own set of unique capabilities.

Many businesses are now recognizing the many benefits of team building in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts in the Middle East. It is not surprising that a growing number of organizations are now hiring the assistance of specialists in team building and corporate wellness to help them make optimum use of this essential tool.