Companies have different goals for choosing a teambuilding event, some want to increase team cohesiveness & communication, some want to encourage friendly competition and others want do something fun. Whatever your goal we have a selection of the best teambuilding activities available anywhere in the Middle East.


We are a teambuilding specialist. We offer a range of programs ourselves but if we cant offer you exactly what you need, we work with our partners to help your company experience a truly transformational


Corporate wellness teambuilding events aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle and to get people motivated to


We know what helps get your employess engaged and what elements are necessary for your event to be super fun and that’s a hallmark of a successful teambuilding event in the Middle East. We have partnerships with all the teambuilding companies in the UAE with special discounts available because we give them bulk business. The team at Teambuilding in dubai are corporate wellness experts with over 27 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, we have identified the best teambuilding companies in the UAE for you.

The Top 3 Ultimate Teambuilding Events in The UAE and Middle East

Apart from ours !!!!!!!!!!!!

So you’ve looked through what we offer and you think it’s not for you, so where do you look? Do you want one place to find review all of the best options available for your teambuilding event in Dubai, the UAE or anywhere in the Middle East?

Instead of contacting companies, waiting on hold or for someone to call you back then waiting for a proposal wouldn’t it be agreeable if you could find all of that in one place? Lucky you, we are your saviours.

We do realise that every company has a different culture and different demands and desires for a TeamBuilding event but we have tried here to give you a rundown of some of the best.

Just to clarify our position, we offer TeamBuilding events but we only offer certain event’s, the rest we refer you to the best of our ‘Trusted Partners’ who will be able to offer you the event that really suits your needs. We look upon ourselves as your trusted advisor, the person who really cares about helping you, just like we would if you were our close family member. On the same hand that means making sure you don’t go for an event just because it’s cheap, we know what heartache and headache that would cause and why would we put a family member through that. We have the same philosophy as a business, we are your partner to make sure your teambuilding event is wonderful and is talked about with zeal and excitement for months or even years afterward.

We have events for groups of 10 to 10,000, whatever you’re looking, we will, most probably be able to offer you. If we can’t then we’ll let you know also as we wouldn’t want to offer you something that we didn’t think would be amazing, that’s not how we do things here at TeamBuildingInDubai.com

Above the Number ONE spot (If that’s even possible) – Is……..

TeamBuildingInDubai.com’s Wellness TeamBuilding event extraordinaire. Dr Posture TeamBuilding event. ‘Opening People’s Minds to a Healthier Future’.

We combine it all, teambuilding and motivation and a health awakening all into one teambuilding event that is fun and educational, COOL RIGHT?

Anyway, back to our review.

Let me give you the background on why we are qualified to bring you this review, firstly the founder of TeamBuildingInDubai.com – Tim Garrett, has been in the health and wellness industry for over 19 years and his company has ran many teambuilding events, and has referred many more. We have found the best ‘Trusted Partners’ that deliver truly outstanding and incredible teambuilding events.

We wouldn’t recommend a company to our Clients that was not trustworthy or ran by experts and we certainly wouldn’t anyone who didn’t have years of experience in teambuilding and didn’t deliver an exceptional Client experience.

Number 1 teambuilding Event in the UAE/Middle East:Biz Group – Orchestrate


This is an event that many of our Clients love and it is the event to top all events. It can be done with as little as 50 to an unlimited maximum.

Here’s the summary of this event, your team get together to play a wonderfully evocative and dramatic piece of classical after an inspiring training and mentoring session by renowned musical experts.

All of your team can do it even if they have never touched a musical instrument in their life and WOW the piece of music they will play is amazing.

Imagine playing this piece of music together, imagine how moving and inspirational and cohesive that will be for your team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD3VsesSBsw

From the moment you turn up to the venue to the movement you leave this is a magical experience.

The biz group are one of my trusted partners for good reason, they have over 12 years of experience in the teambuilding business and over 26 year’s experience in Dubai. Not only have our Clients used them but I have had independent reviews from influential business acquaintances.

Remember we can offer you a special discount so get in touch with us direct so we can refer you to the Biz Group.

This event last 2-3 hours and is an event that your team are guided through every step of the way, the Biz group have a member of staff on hand for every 30 of your team so you are well taken care of.

In summary this event isn’t for smaller groups but if you’re looking for a larger event say for a company annual conference then this is for you, it’s really amazing.

Number 2 teambuilding Event in the UAE/Middle East:


Duplays – Sports Days

Duplays holds this event at two venues, I have chosen eh event held at the Habtoor Grand for the winter, if you need a summer venue you can do it indoors and actually save money in the process.

Have a look at what you’ll get with this event – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4qtRevl6gA

This event can be for any team from 20 to 2000. The bubble football looks like a lot of fun, that’s for sure, we’ve always wanted to play that.

This is another event that we like because it involves getting your team up and moving, something most team’s struggle with: sitting dis-ease.

Why not have a teambuilding event that is fun and gets your team’s bodies healthier in the meantime.

People are getting unhealthier and unhealthier, it’s about time workplaces truly saw that it was partly their responsibility to create a culture change toward wellness.

This event includes snacks and lunch as an option for a very reasonable price and we know the team from Duplays personally, they are lots of fun and very passionate about helping people to let loose, have fun and cooperate at the same time.

You will partake in various sports but it won’t be any old sports game – its main focus is fun, not competition, saying that, is your team competitive and in fact, it’s that competitiveness that sticks the team together in the end, well – they won’t be able to resist themselves, that competitive edge will show but Duplays are very careful about guiding that so it becomes a positive, not negative experience.

The Habtoor Grand is a great venue, along Dubai’s coastline, it gives an inspiring venue for your team to take in all that Dubai has become, and a metaphor if you like for what is possible for your team and your business.

One thing we really like about the Duplays teambuilding event is the team are young and full of energy, that doesn’t mean for a second they not well equipped to handle lots of different a mix of races, personalities and ages of Clients, they have tones of successful experience organising world class events.

DON’T forget to contact us direct to organise an event with Duplays. We have negotiated ‘not available anywhere else’ discounts because we refer them lots of Clients.

The Third Best Teambuilding Event in the UAE/Middle East:And the honour goes to – The Biz Group – The Big Picture


This is a great event from anywhere from 8 – 8000 people. It lasts a perfect 2-3 hours and is a lot of fun, but be warned, challenging fun!

Have you ever imagined what picture would represent the soul of your company? Its an interesting question isn’t it?

Would it be loud, would it be dark, would it be cohesive or would it be abstract, would it represent technology or the Client or the showcase a product, remember you’re not creating a logo but a wonderful piece of art that represents what your company stands for.

So where does the team building come in you may ask? The theme of the art work is decided before then everyone is spilt into teams, these teams are responsible for creating the art work piece of canvas by piece of canvas. The great thing is, it’s actually painted on real artisan’s canvas so it feels super authentic.

The thing is – not all of the information about each team’s canvas is communicated at the start of the event, things like what size, what shape, what colours and what position each individuals team’s piece of art will be like is given to the team at intervals throughout the event. This is where each teams active listening and non-violent communication skills come into play.

The wonderful thing is that once your amazing art work and corporate masterpiece is created you get to keep it and hang it in your office, this cements the deep bond of trust and communication skills your team developed during the event.

As with the other events in our top 3 team building events in the UAE and Middle East this event has received great feedback from a number of the top companies in the UAE / Middle East.




  • “ We wanted a all singing all dancing teambuilding event and Team Building in Dubai came up with the best package for us, not only was it cheaper but its something the team still talk about 6 months afterit finished. ”

    David, 27 age